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A Crucial Next Step

Supporting artisanal enterprise

Over the past many years, the artisanal textile industry in Pakistan has seen tremendous investment by government and non-government agencies to produce jobs. The bureaucracy-encumbered development models have not been effective in the critical role of design innovation, aesthetics, and quality control.

The role of design

SheWorks sees a direct connection between designing competitive products, wealth production, environmental health, women empowerment, and cultural survival.

We strive to create opportunities for women artisans and the large body of students and young professionals graduating out of design schools to work together, focusing on the element of appropriate design for the target markets.

The Importance of Design

Design Workshops

Design’s impact on business can no longer be questioned in post Covid era. The design team at Sheworks focuses on design innovation to create better opportunities for handmade textile products. Given the rapid rise of the consumer expectations, only the very best designs will now stand out from the crowd.

International Orders

The group of artisans collaborating with Sheworks are aware of the quality our international customers expect.


Companies need stronger and innovative design capabilities than ever before to boost their odds of becoming more creative and exist in the business. Sheworks understands the need to produce sustainably designed products to show a commitment to making the world a better place.


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