The handmade market is the second largest livelihood opportunity in low-income countries behind agriculture. 

Millions of skilled artisans depend on their craft for income, most of them women in rural areas of Pakistan. Although highly skilled, they face several challenges, mainly, lack of access to the market and the tools and financing they need to scale production is a barrier to their success. They may also struggle to keep up with evolving consumer trends, and may not have the know-how to fulfill local and international purchase orders.

There is an increasing consumer demand for ethically-sourced products which creates opportunities for these artisans to earn a decent livelihood from their skills.

With growing consumer demand for handmade goods and new and available technology available, it’s time for change and innovation within the handmade sector.

We have devised ways to support the artisans increase the efficiency and quality of their work. Working in groups is the most effective way.