Meet the team

Meet the team

Samina Mahmud

Founder and Creative Director

Passionate and determined, with an epicurean’s delight in beauty and art, founder and creative director Samina Mahmud designs textile products and that are known for their design, craftsmanship, attention to detail and vibrant, high-spirited appeal.

Born and raised in Pakistan, Samina's journey in textile fashion began during her early years as a mother of two when she started a hobby clothing line. Soon after, she decided to set up a business that would train and employ men and women in intricate hand embroideries. 

Samina Mahmud has over 30 years of experience working in the high-end textile and clothing industry. She established her own brand by the name of Zargul, based in Islamabad. At its peak, she employed 70 skilled artisans in an operation that catered to a local and international clientele. She moved to Canada in 2001 where she continued to  work for various fashion brands in Toronto and interacted with a diverse fashion community.

Her interest in craft was ignited when took up a position as head of design and business development for a development project at a non profit in Pakistan in 2016. She got an insight into donor-funded initiatives geared towards reviving endangered crafts and supporting rural women empowerment. Firsthand awareness of the gaps in these projects has led her to set up SheWorks.

Farzana Jabeen

Senior Designer

Farzana has a textile art background from a local university. She has extensive hands-on experience working closely with the artisan's communities. Her passion and deep knowledge of heritage embroidery technique has created a bond between her and the communities she works with.  She oversees design development samples prototypes with a team of designers

Munira Amin

Handwork Studio, Toronto

Munira Amin has more than two decades of experience in artisan product development. She is a specialist in artisan training and artisanal production methodologies. She has worked on numerous Social Design projects and developed product ranges both for regional and global markets.

Gulmina Mahmud 

Working in the field of education, Gulmina is passionate about supporting girls education and has supported the establishment of Gulbaba school in village Swabi. Along with her grandmother, Gulmina turned the 'class under the tree' into a school with a building which houses over 40 children from the village. 

Nasima Gul 

From another generation but has always understood the value of the power of education which can change a girls life. Nasima manages and supports the village operations in Swabi, both financially and by her presence.